AMCAR-LAMPRECHT is an established industry leader with a 60,000 square-foot fully bonded warehouse located strategically in Miami, Fl. Amcar-Lamprecht is recognized as the number one freight consolidator to the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao) and now offers air and ocean freight services to both Central and South America. Amcar-Lamprecht is proud to be the only freight consolidator in Miami that offers guaranteed weekly ocean freight services to the ABC Islands.

Member Since: January 2017

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Q&A with Ismael Lasso

Business Development Manager 

What's your favorite part about the logistics industry?

Being useful to our customers and watching their business grow and how we're a part of it. Sometimes good service in logistics is not only how fast cargo arrives or how cheap it is but how you can solve inconveniences and reduce damage. It's also about finding ways to reduce the customers stress and become someone they can rely on.

Tell us about a hobby or interest that you have. 

Reading and painting. I'm very much into illustration art. 

What advice would you give to an eCommerce retailer looking for a fulfillment center? 

My advice would be to identify a person in the fulfillment center that you see as a possible extension of your company/staff. Find somebody who can get you pictures of your cargo right away and keep you updated. You want someone who will understand your urgency, even if it's just minor selling. 

What makes Amcar Lamprecht stand out?

The people. From our warehouse colleagues to office management roles, these are people you can trust and can rely on. The company makes you feel like family and you give them 100%.

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