Our mission at Continental Freight Forwarding is to provide complete solutions to our client’s transportation logistics needs from within a diverse culture of employees from many parts of the world. We do this in partnership with our customers by providing integrated logistics services to manage and distribute cargo by forming strategic alliances to meet supply chain needs and objectives.
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Q&A with Tony Ciero

President of Continental Freight Forwarding

What sets Continental Freight Forwarding apart from others in the industry?
We have a large facility and staff but we're able to make quick decisions and be reachable. 
Briefly tell us about your experience in the eCommerce industry.
We have 10 years of experience handling all types of products. This includes unloading containers, inventory control, separating by PO, etc. We also do our own shipping domestically and worldwide. 
What’s your favorite part about working at Continental?
I love that we have the freedom to handle new things all the time.

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