In Motion Logistics is a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) and Freight Forwarder (FF) with offices and partners throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the rest of the world. In Motion Logistics is always looking to develop better and more efficient ways to do business, by implementing cutting-edge technology, improving and increasing the number of services, and expanding our network around the world.

Our adaptability is possible because of the quality of our people and our ability to promote teamwork and innovative, outside-the-box thinking.Our standard is to furnish our clients with the best on-going, individualized service and to reduce costs in order for our clients to remain highly competitive. We continuously train our people to identify the optimum solutions to our customer’s needs.

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Q&A with Juan David Restrepo


What’s your favorite part about being involved in eCommerce fulfillment?

Global eCommerce revenues are expected to exceed a staggering US 2 trillion dollars by 2020 and eCommerce transactions are estimated to grow at the rate of 30% per annum by 2020.The connection between global buyers and sellers, through online verticals (B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C), is growing rapidly. So we try to identify the needs of our customers providing tailored solutions and technology, so they can move to the speed of the new commerce, connecting e-tailers, distributors, manufactures and consumers, while providing an excellent service.

Give us a fun or interesting fact about In Motion Logistics.

In Motion has been able to interact directly with the Asian market, especially in China helping Manufactures to enter the US Market through Amazon and other channels.

What do you believe sets In Motion Logistics apart from others in the logistics industry?

In Motion Logistics provides supply chain solutions tailored to our customer's needs. We are a leader in logistics and transportation management. We offer our clients the best on-going, individualized service identifying the optimum solutions to our customer's needs, providing maximum customer satisfaction, reducing costs and lead times, and giving our customers end to end supply chain solutions and visibility. With In Motion you have the flexibility to process eCommerce orders taking advantage of our facilities and fulfillment center. In Motion Logistics is also part of the WCA e-commerce and is fully certified by the industry, specializing in cross border logistics, e-commerce logistic domestic and international, final mile and distribution.

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