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Q&A with Jose De La Fuente

Courier Supervisor at iTN 


What’s your favorite part about working in the logistics industry?

I love working in logistics because of the great level of competition, making the day-by-day a real challenge. Also, I have the opportunity to create a bridge from country to country and connect all my customers with their suppliers.

What type of experience does iTN have working with eCommerce retailers?

iTN worked with One Two Cosmetics for a period of 8 months and we learned a lot of fun factors in the fulfillment business. We had the pleasure to serve One Two Cosmetics on their startup and development phase before they were purchased by an investment firm. We look forward to continue working and developing our fulfillment department.

Give us a fun or interesting fact about your company. 

Working for iTN is not working at all: you enjoy everyday thanks to the strong working relationship with all your colleagues and customers based on mutual respect, professionalism, and willingness to learn new things everyday.

What do you think sets iTN apart from other companies in the industry?

Great working environment, friendly and united team, strong culture and great customer service. We strive for success and go the extra mile for our partners and customers.

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