KCE LOGISTICS INC. has been successfully serving businesses and their shipping needs since its establishment in 1998. The basis of our company lies in the development of the complex logistic solutions by that meet the requirements of many manufacturers and businesses. As a freight forwarder, we provide logistics solutions designed to meet today’s diverse and demanding transportation needs. We offer expert, specialized Air and Ocean Freight international transportation solutions. We pride ourselves on each partnership we have established with the clients we serve.

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Q&A with Jae Yang

Director of KCE

How long have you been working in the logistics industry?

11 Years

What’s your favorite part about the industry?

The possibility of connecting with all different people and cultures all over the world.

Tell us about a hobby or interest that you have.

Love sports, All kind. Don’t take me to steak house, I will make you proud.

Has KCE always served the eCommerce industry? If not, what inspired your company to get involved in eCommerce?

Until a little while ago, just regular international shipping air, ocean and domestic. I got involved because I consider eCommerce the future of how people will consume either B2B or B2C.

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