MAGNUM FREIGHT CORP, was established in Miami, Florida in August of 1993. Today we have more than 60 people in our staff distributed among our Miami Office/Warehouse and our Operations and Customer Service Center in Bogota, Colombia. Our 60,000 square foot warehouse is conveniently located in the immediate vicinity of the Miami Airport and a 15 minute drive to the Port of Miami.

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Q&A with Juan Gomez

General Manager of Magnum Freight

How long have you been working in the logistics industry?

Almost 20 years as a freight forwarder. 

What sets Magnum Freight apart from other companies?

We're a company that is willing to see what the needs of our customers are. We tailor make our services based on their needs.

What inspired your company to get involved in eCommerce?

We wanted to do something else besides forwarding and we see potential in eCommerce with the way that technology and the industry is moving. eCommerce is the future and we've already seen its growth.

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