Neutralogistics is a full service logistics company specializing in freight management, imports, exports, trucking, warehousing, distribution and brokerage. Our warehouse is Foreign Trade Zone licensed, bonded and C-TPAT certified, so we can provide full logistics integration services including distribution, fulfillment, ocean and air freight forwarding, shipping, and transportation management. Additionally, we have a 14,000 square foot cold room.
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Q&A with Joe Vazquez

Director of Operations 

 What advice would you give to an eCommerce retailer looking for a fulfillment center?
Be transparent on expectations and collaborate as much as possible when discussing service details. This will help us deliver top notch service and long term competitive pricing.
What do you think sets Neutralogistics apart from other companies in the industry?

Diversification! Our company out performs when offering “one stop shop” logistics.

How long have you been working in the logistics industry?

I started learning from the bottom up in 1985. It continues to be a wonderful journey full of discovery.

What is the best part about working at Neutralogistics?

Interaction with our people! Our culture’s foundation is based on mutual respect, this key element has evolved our company into an exciting and fun working environment.

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