Through hard work and dedication, we have grown to become a multinational company which provides logistics services worldwide to a variety of customers. Our mission is to deliver cost effective clear solutions based on the needs and expectations of our customers. Partner up with logistics and supply chain operators seeking clear, logistics results. Provide our customers with real time competitive advantages by leveraging our years of logistics expertise, supply chain knowhow and specific industry insight. Continue to develop and offer our clients clear, cost effective solutions to their complex logistics needs.

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Q&A with Brandy Abreu

President of Phantom Logistics

How long have you been working in the logistics industry?

Over 20+ years!

What do you feel sets Phantom Logistics apart from other companies in the industry?

We provide personalized cost-effective solutions tailored to each customer's needs. "We do not provide services; we deliver results". 

Tell us about a hobby or interest that you have.

Reading and traveling. 

Anything you'd like to share with eCommerce retailers looking for a 3PL?

We are a young, dynamic, and responsive operation focused on delivering solid warehousing and distribution solutions. We fully understand the "online value" of customer ratings and reviews and strive to meet those customers' critical needs and provide quality work. 


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