Start Selling in the US

The US is the biggest consumer market in the world. In past years, getting your products sold in the US was nearly impossible. Now, new eCommerce technology and logistics options are making it possible for suppliers outside the US to sell their products in the US with minimum investment.

Magaya will provide you the technology to connect to the most popular market places like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Bonanza to sell your products. We will also connect you with the right business partner to manage your imports into the US and the fulfillment of the orders after the consumer buys your products online.

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Logistics Partners Throughout the Americas


Magaya is a Latin-America focused organization that provides supply chain software for over 1,500 customers, in 80 different countries. We created Logistico to give internet retailers control of their eCommerce inventory and shipping.

The right software combined with the best logistics partners can make entering new markets possible. Business owners outside the United States can use our software and work with our fulfillment partners to sell into the lucrative American market.

Receive orders from the top shopping carts:

eCommerce Logistics Software

Get setup on our easy-to-use eCommerce fulfillment software and enjoy the benefits:

  • Know exactly how much inventory you have, across multiple channels
  • Receive, process, and distribute products
  • Automate orders and tracking online
  • Tie inventory, shipping, and accounting together for a complete picture of the business
  • Track shipping in real-time from major shipping providers, like FedEx, USPS, and UPS
Access to Logistics Professionals

Tackle any logistics challenge. Work with experienced, trusted professionals who can pack, ship and handle inventory control, so you won’t need to do it yourself.

Our 3PL partners leverage state of the art facilities, advanced software, and more to ensure deliveries are on time and your customers are happy. Reduce costly errors and inventory mis-management. Excel at what you love instead.

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"Whether you process 100 or 10,000 transactions a day, we create a solution together. For more than 15 years, we've grown a business that provides value to so many people. It's both an honor and a responsibility."
Jesus David Rodriguez, President of Magaya Corporation Miami, Florida


A few of our eCommerce fulfillment partners:

"We're a company that is willing to see what the needs of our customers are. We tailor our services based on their needs."
Juan Gomez, General Manager of Magnum Freight Miami, Florida

According to eMarketer, total retail sales will reach $22.737 trillion by the end of this year (2017), up 5.8% from 2016."

"We are so excited about eCommerce! The world is experiencing a major shift in how people do business. Because of  what's possible with high quality software and the internet, our Central and South America customers can now do eCommerce business with people in the United States, with much lower fixed costs. It's incredible."
José Yoniel García, Vice President of Magaya Corporation Miami, Florida